Our Donut People are the Coolest… you dig?

Ron and Marci Razete founded Peace Love & Little Donuts in one of America’s most livable
cities, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They packed up their careers in the airlines, insurance industry and ministry to pursue something, well, smaller. Little donuts, of course!

Launched in 2009, Peace, Love & Little Donut opened its first and only donut shop in
Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District – where all the cool people hang out. Right away, Ron and Marci knew they had something special. The people from around Pittsburgh smelled their way to the shop, stood in line to see Ron, Marci, and their five kids, hand-make and hand-frost each scrumptious donut and then decorate the donuts with the yummiest toppings they could think of.

Watch this video that gives the inside scoop of what really happens behind the scenes at Peace, Love and Little Donuts in the Strip.