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3700 Massillon Rd, Uniontown, OH 44685
Large Orders
Daniel Dickson
On vacation visiting family and decided we needed a treat for the kids and my wife and I. This was just what the doctor ordered. Easily made the decision to get a dozen. I ate 4, my wife ate 3, my daughter ate 2, and my son had 1. The ladies working here made our donuts so great! Highly recommend this place to all.
Jeanna Butler
My 4.5 year old rates this place 1600 out of 10. Our service was Amazing and the donuts + coffee were on point.
Annabelle Lemon
Shelly took good care of me and my sister. this was our first time being here and she made it a great experience. She was very efficient and informative. And the atmosphere is amazing!!
I’ve come here a couple times for work donuts, and the staff is always quick and unfazed when I order a few dozen! Excellent service, fresh and warm donuts! The decor is groovy, and there are a few places to sit if you want to stay! My favorites were cinnamon roll, coffee cake, and funnel cake!
Love this little donut shop. So many options to choose from plus they serve coffee. Staff was super nice. I'll definitely be coming back!