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51 S Main St, Hudson, OH 44236
Large Orders
Po Go
We ordered 14 dz to add to our cake table they were a huge hit! Not one left! I saw some guests nibble them before dinner was served. I appreciated their excellent customer service and follow through!
Björn Ólafsson
Amazing place in Hudson, OHIO. Best donuts in USA. My favorites from my first visit 2019 are Elvis and Jimmies Hendrix, but Hendrix is not available anymore. But today I like Elvis and also the basic ones without the sprinkle, then you can really taste the good donut flavour. This is a donut place hovewer the Coffee here is very good.
Robert Green
These doughnuts are a must try, and you will need multiple visits to get through them all due to 80+ pre-designed flavor combinations. The atmosphere is welcoming, quaint, and retro psychedelic reminiscent of the stereotypical late 60s hippie vibe, which is done well. The only downside is ordering, as they are assembled to order, which slows the process. A simple check box sheet to order with would make the experience seam faster for the customer, so they do not feel as if they are holding the other up.
Discovered this cute little place today with my café group. We love the cutouts in the photo ops, and how they make all the donuts fresh as you order them. The coffee was just your basic with some options for syrups, but I love the uncomplicated of it. We there for about an hour and got to chat with the staff and took pictures. We loved how the children would come in and just stand on the stepstool and look at all all the different donut flavors with amazement. Such a great little shop!