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5994 Steubenville Pike, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
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Martin Meinert
I’ve loved Peace, Love & Little Donuts for like, forever. I remember being a kid going to the original location, and although this location is more polished than the original one in my memories, it’s got the same warm feelings associated with it. I haven’t made a trip to one of these in a while, but when I walked in today they gave me a free, fresh cinnamon donut, so obviously I had to include another cinnamon in the half-dozen I bought. The employees were nice and helpful. I recommend trying the m&m donuts!
Preston Albrent
Cute little joint with delicious mini donuts and friendly service.
Amanda Cedeno
Quick stop with my kiddo this morning. Fun and unique donut shop. Amazing selection where you can let your imagination run wild. Delicious donuts, friendly staff and clean environment.
Carrington Page IV
The hippie, fun, and funky vibes are very present and lovely. It’s a cute store and they make each donut as you order them. It’s very personalized and I loved the experience! Much more pleasant to get breakfast here than a drive thru or Dunkin!
Scott Besemann
A great local find. Each donut you buy is hand frosted after you order them. Very creative and the staff really cares about serving its customers quality donuts!
Lorenzo Sciulli
It was our very first time visiting the store. We fell positive vibrations and energy once we entered the store. We were amazed of how the shop looked. The staff was very friendly and helpful we ordered a dozen of specialty donuts which were outstanding. We also ordered two doggy donuts for our boxer Rocco. These donuts are not like anything you ever had. I highly recommend.We definitely will come back soon. Keep up the great work!!